Getting started.


Took my friend’s advice and started a wordpress website instead of sitting down and relearning how to code one again. I’ve been wanting to have a place to centralise things and maybe this will work out better than throwing my stuff all over the internet.

Also, might as well make some use of my domain name for once, am I right? I’m not just throwing money away in keeping it for the past god knows how many years? Right?! <cries>

Anyway, I’m still adding things now and then, as well as gradually learning my way around here, so expect things to change all of a sudden if you somehow ended up here.

So far I’ve started adding the main Wandering Grunt pages along with the Companion content being separate, so hopefully I can figure my way around here to make it look all nice and neat. #eventually

I have some plans on what to keep around here, but I’ll have to wait and see if the theme formatting allows for it. Otherwise I might think up of some compromise.

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